How can video marketing help you sell your home?

Video Tours can help sell your home because people feel like they are walking around in the home. With a video tour buyers can capture the essence of the fireplace going or fans moving. The videos can tilt up and show off soaring ceilings, zoom in to show gourmet appliances, or out the window to show off the neighborhood. Shooting a video is a lot better than still photos linked together because people can get a better feel for the house.

You can use something as simple as your smart phone, such as an Android or iPhone to record your video and use applications to edit the video. Some of the applications that you can use are VidTrimPro, Lapse It Pro, AndroMedia HD, iMovie, and Videolicious. Once you record your video and edit it you can upload it to sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo for everyone to see.

If you create your own virtual tour there are some tips:

1. Don’t pan around too quickly.

2. Use the zoom sparingly; people don’t want to watch the video go in and out over and over.

3. If it is an important item that you are showing count to 10 in your head while the camera is centered on it.

4. Consider using a tripod. This keeps the video steady and not wobbly.

If you are not comfortable creating your own video tour but would like one, there are professionals out there that will create them for you.


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