What Is A Real Estate Store?

The newest trend in real estate may be the “real estate store”, according to Inman News writer Paul Hagey.

Zilbert International Realty is a luxury boutique real estate firm located in Miami Beach, Florida in the South Beach neighborhood. The organization has recently built a 400,000 square-foot retail space in South Beach with the hopes of turning real estate “into a retail experience”. The space is open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm everyday of the week, providing convenience and comfort for home buyers. Inman News describes the space as “a simple, streamlined space” with high-end technology and design elements.

The office walls display up-to-date active listings, which are also available in pamphlet form in kiosks throughout the store. The space also has a podium that is manned by one of the 30 agents who are a part of Zilbert International Realty and exists to help engage walk-in visitors, an idea wholly inspired by the “Genius Bar” pioneered by Apple. The Realty company has taken other cues from the successful Apple Stores, one of which is to keep experts in the area.

The owner of Zilbert International Realty originally sought to purchase a location for an expanding office, but the prime-retail location of the new property prompted him to modify his idea. The retail aspect of the area seeks to be “as visual as possible”, according to Zilbert.

The company gives listing presentations in the store (it did 30-40 in the last 12 months) facilitated by glass-enclosed conference rooms, 55-inch flat-screen TVs, and iPads, which Zilbert says has been a successful way of doing business; last year alone agents of the company were involved in approximately 200 deals involving homes priced at $250 million. Zilbert says he plans to open up similar stores in other locations in the coming years.

For more information on real estate stores, check out this article from Inman News.


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