HGTV’s Color of The Month

Trend alert! Make sure you’re ready for autumn and upcoming holiday celebrations by incorporating this color into your decorations.

Are you and your home ready for the changing weather and upcoming holiday season? Whether you’re planning on having a Thanksgiving get-together at your place or just wanting to keep up with the seasons, HGTV has some great tips for adding a great fall color to your home! Paprika is a bold red-orange hue – “a richer version of spring coral”, according to HGTV editors. You’re most likely to find this beautiful, rich, vibrant color in the leaves of the maple trees dotting the streets.

Here are some tips for incorporating this great color into your Thanksgiving celebrations:

In the Kitchen: Dessert for Breakfast’s Persimmon-Oat Crumble (persimmons is the color of paprika!) – perfect for a chilly autumn morning.

In the Living Room: Add vibrant throws and pillows in this trendy color to brighten up the room and bring a little bit of that autumn magic inside. HGTV shows some of their favorite options here!

In the Dining Room: Consider adding some dinnerware that utilizes paprika colors, add some simple paprika-colored pendants, and/or add bright vermillion to your Thanksgiving centerpiece

All Over: If you’re ready to jump into autumn with both feet, painting is a quick and easy way to bring your home into the season – and it has a powerful impact! A warm paprika hue perfectly compliments dark emerald green colors, browns, and glittering metallics.

All Over: If you’re looking to get into the autumn season without the commitment needed for paint, consider incorporating some perfect fall leaves into your gallery wall to add a colorful autumn touch.

For more tips and great photos, check out the original article from HGTV here!

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