5 Strange Home Gadgets

We all have vacuum cleaners, blenders and the other must-have appliances to help do chores around the house, but some home gadgets on the market today are more unique than our classic favorites. Though many appliances are becoming more high tech or edgy, with bright colors and new attachments or versions, a few might make you wonder why anyone would need something like that. However, some of these gadgets are surprisingly useful and can help make your life easier.

Here are 5 strange home gadgets for your home:

  1. Pooch Power System – Do you love your furry friend but hate cleaning up after them when they go to the bathroom? This tool, with both a backyard “shovel” and a mobile model, vacuums your pet’s droppings into a bag.
  2. The Rolli – If you’re a fan of wraps, the Rolli can make preparing them easy as pie. Just add a pre-cut wrap and put in whatever you’d like to add, and in 10 minutes a perfect wrap will be in your hands!
  3. The Winbot – Nobody likes to clean windows. If you hate doing it, the Winbot will go up and down your windows and carefully clean them. The only drawback is you have to manually move it from window to window, but the results are definitely worth it.
  4. Toaster Tops – If you feel your toaster could use a little sprucing up, Toaster Tops were invented for you. Place one of these decorative covers over the top of your toaster to add some flair and keep the inside of your toaster clean at the same time.
  5. Hot Dog Steamer – Are you a hot dog lover? A hot dog steamer lets you steam a whole package of hot dogs at once.

Would you purchase any of these products? Do you think they’re useful or wasteful? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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