10 Apps For Spring Cleaning and Organizing


Every year, when the cold winter weather turns into the beautiful springtime, many homeowners see that as an opportunity to do an annual deep clean of their homes. The spring is also a time when the majority of people move into a new home, so in addition to the cleaning, some people are also moving. Staying organized while completing your spring cleaning tasks can be difficult, but fortunately – there’s an app for that! Here are 10 apps that will help you with your spring cleaning and organizing.



If you’re moving into a new home, this app will help you keep an inventory of your belongings throughout the move. It will also allow you to take videos of your stuff and get accurate quotes from moving companies.


Spring Cleaning Checklist

This app will be useful for you to organize all of the rooms that need some elbow grease, and after you clean them just check them right off the list. You won’t miss any task and it will be impossible for you to leave any room unkept.


MyStuff2 Lite

The MyStuff2 Lite app can be used to keep an inventory of all of your belongings. Whether you’re moving, or you just want to know of everything you have in case of an emergency, this app is for you.



This app allows you to see exactly where your time has gone. If you have a lot of tasks to complete in a given amount of time, the app will allow you to better manage your time in the long run.


Chore Checklist

The Chore Checklist app will help you to manage your chores and complete them accordingly. It also records the completion date and will calculate the next due date based on your preferences.



If you’re working to complete spring cleaning tasks with your family members, the iRewardChart is a great app to teach your children the value of chores. When they complete their tasks based on the chart, you will be able to reward them with a single tap.


Cloud List Pro

If you have older children, and a family full of smartphones, this app is perfect for you. This is a collaborative tool to let everyone in the family know what they are expected to do.


Good Housekeeping @ Home

This app was designed to help you with tips and tricks for your spring cleaning projects. Have a questions? Consult the app to get your answer!


Clean Freak

Spring cleaning once a year can end up being a hassle and leave you with too much to do all at once. Download the Clean Freak app to help provide a cleaning schedule for your entire home.



Now that you have all of this junk to get rid of, what are you going to do with it? Take a picture with the Rumgr app and post it immediately to an online marketplace.


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