10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sunbury, Ohio


The small Village of Sunbury, Ohio, is a beautiful and quaint are just outside of the state capitol in Columbus. The historic village spans 3.3 square miles, and inhabits more than 4,000 residents. Located in Delaware County, Sunbury holds a unique historical significance. Many people have passed the numerous ‘Sunbury’ exits on major highways, or have even taken the detour to pass through the town; however there are a number of things that people don’t know about the area. Here are ten fun facts you probably didn’t know about Sunbury, Ohio.

1. Sunbury was ranked the #7 most manliest city in the United States.

2. The area is home to the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial, which honors every Ohio Soldier who has given his/her life in service to this fine country.

3. It has been ranked #2 among the safest cities in the United States for families who have young children.

4. In 2007, The Big Walnut Golden Eagles, Sunbury’s local high school, football team won the state championship in their division.

5. The median income for the families residing in Sunbury tend to be around $50,000.

6. In Sunbury, about 61% of the adults living in the area are married.

7. The median age of the residents in the area is 33.6 years.

8. The median value of housing in the area is around $150,000.

9. 94% of the individuals from the area who have to commute to earn a living, drive to work on a daily basis.

10. The Village of Sunbury is considered part of the Columbus metropolitan area, and is located precisely 20 miles north of Columbus, Ohio.

For more information about Sunbury, Ohio, visit here.

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