Spotlight On Galena, Ohio


Galena is a small village located slightly northeast of the state capital of Columbus, Ohio. It’s a quaint community with so much to offer to residents and visitors alike. At the time of the 2010 Census, there was a population of 687. Galena might only be 1.7 square miles, but don’t let the size fool you. It is full of life and culture that you can’t find anywhere else.


Galena was established in 1809, and has an incredibly rich history. Although the village has remained quite small, it just reiterates the sense of a tight knit community. There are a number of theories about where Galena – the natural mineral form of lead sulfide – got its name, one being that it was drawn out of a hat.

The village sits in the middle of Little and Big Walnut Creeks, which is in the headwaters of Hoover Reservoir. Galena was originally established to take advantage of the water power, but has always had a modest industrial base. The location of the village opened the doors for other types of industries in the area. A clay tile company was constructed on Holmes Street, which was later expanded to a tile and brick company. There was a railroad line built through the village in 1873, which has been long since abandoned and repurposed as a walking trail for residents and visitors.


The historic and beautiful area of downtown Galena is one for the books. It has a unique New England style, which is still home to structures built in the 1820s. The area is also complete with restaurants and pubs to visit throughout the week.

Galena may have one of the smallest populations in the area surrounding the state capital, but that means little to the people who call it home. Its rich history bring a sense of pride to the tight knit community and there are plenty of activities throughout the year for all to enjoy. To learn more about the city of Galena, visit here.

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