8 Tips For New Homeowners

New Homeowners

8 Tips For New Homeowners – Owning a new home for the first time can be very exciting. You finally have a new place to make all your own. While this can be exciting, it can also be stressful! Follow these 8 tips to make your transition great.

  1. Arrange large furniture first. This will make it easier to design your room layout before you begin unpacking. Plus it is always good to have your bed ready for those unpacking naps!
  2. Don’t splurge on big expensive pieces or remodels. It can be tempting to deck your new home out with top notch everything, but adjusting to new home expenses can be difficult. You don’t want to max out before you’re prepared for higher payments. Gradually work in new items and remodels.
  3. Change all the locks, keys, and alarm codes. This may seem excessive, but it can be necessary. Even in new homes copies of keys could have been made- even with no negative intention. Save yourself the headache and change them all to be safe. You can even order keys with customized designs and remember to pick an alarm code easy to remember.
  4. Check the batters in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Between unpacking, designing, and organizing simple safety measures can be overlooked. Make sure to check and replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to protect you and your home.
  5. Purchase a basic tool kit. Home repairs may not be something you have been accustomed to. Without a landlord to fix every small issue it is important to have tools available. These kits can be found at great prices at your local hardware store.
  6. Label the breakers on your electric box. It is important to spend the time labeling all of the breakers in your electric box before something goes wrong. That way you know where things go when the power goes out or another emergency situation arises.
  7. Take advantage of tax deductions. There are many tax breaks and deductions available for homeowners. Make sure to double check this during tax season. You can save on things like your mortgage or home improvements that you have made. Be sure to save receipts from improvements and repairs!
  8. Meet your neighbors! This can be one of the most exciting parts about moving into a new home. You get the chance to meet new friends and be a part of a community.

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