How To Liven Up Your Lawn This Spring

Liven Up Your Lawn This Spring- Linda Jonard

How To Liven Up Your Lawn This Spring-If your lawn is looking a little lack-luster, then you need to liven things up.  Turning your dreary landscape into a lush, green menagerie is in your hands.  By taking the following tips to heart (and to your lawn), you will make the land surrounding your home into the talk of the neighborhood.


Aerate, Aerate, Aerate

If your grass is looking about as green as a desert, it may be because the soil under your grass has become too compact.  When soil becomes compressed, necessary processes like water drainage, air circulation, and absorption of nutrients is stymied.  The solution?  Aerate your lawn.  Aerating simply means punching 3 inch holes into the soil beneath your grass.  Doing this will get your lawn back on track, make it greener, and aid in the efficiency of your landscape’s ecosystem.


How Low Can You Mow

Mowing your grass too high or too low are both detrimental to your grass’s health.  Forget about the highest and lowest settings on your mower and stick to using the ones in the middle.  A blade of grass’s roots grow down into the soil about as high as its blade reaches.  With that in mind, it’s important not to cut grass too short because heat and sunlight can dry out the roots.  Try to keep your grass around 2 to 3 inches.  This may mean cutting it more frequently, but lawn care is an essential part to a healthy landscape.


Reuse Grass Clippings

Instead of packing your mow grass clippings into big brown paper bags and sending them away, sprinkle them over your lawn.  Those clips of grass may be severed, but they still have nutrients inside of them.  By putting them out over your lawn, you actually help your lawn become healthier.  The clippings will decompose quickly, serving as a natural fertilizer and water-retainer for your lawn.  Don’t skip grass-cycling.


Utilize Fertilizer

Overlooking fertilizer is easy to do, especially because sometimes mowing the lawn is tiring enough.  However, fertilizing your lawn is essential to both the grass and the soil beneath it.  By fertilizing, you ensure that the biological processes of your lawn run unhindered.  Healthy soil means healthy grass; healthy grass means less plant stress, insect damage, and disease.  When looking to fertilize, focus mainly on organic fertilizers.  These are better for the environment and will give your lawn better results than synthetic materials.



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