4 Tricks For Keeping Your Floors Mud Free


Oh, spring. We love the season’s warm weather and fun activities, but what we don’t love is the mess it brings along. Those April showers can lead to a lot of mud, which your kids tend to track all across your clean floors. Frustrated over these constant messes? We’ve rounded up a couple of trips to keeping the mud at bay and your floors sparkling. Check them out and take a break from cleaning!

  • Kick off the shoes. Stop mud from getting in by not letting it in. Make a rule that everyone in your family takes off their shoes when they enter the house, and set up an area by the door with a rug or mat for dirty shoes.
  • Keep one door for main family use. By limiting where your kids and pets enter and exit the house, you can control the paths they take and the amount of dirt your formal entryways and rooms get.
  • Sweep well and often. Keep a broom on hand and sweep high-traffic areas, such as doorways, the kitchen, etc. frequently. Since these rooms are used often, getting rid of the dirt straight away can prevent kids and pets from stepping in it and spreading it further into your house.
  • Clean pets up before entering. Keep a towel next to each doorway and use it to clean your pets’ paws when they enter the house. You can also keep a small bin of water to dip their paws in to wash off any dirt or mud.

Keep these tips in mind and your floors will be under control in no time! What do you think of these tips? We appreciate your feedback, so leave a comment below!


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