How To Market Your Condo


How To Market Your Condo- Linda Jonard
How To Market Your Condo– Selling a condo or any home can be a very difficult process. You could wait to sell your home or condo until the market starts to regain its strength, but if you want to sell now you need to make your condo the most attractive product on the market! So… let’s get selling condo owners!

Here are three important tips to know before marketing your condo…

  1. Marketing Your Condo. Promote every single amenity that comes with your condo community. These things might include a club house, pool, gym, playground and more.
  2. Offer Incentives. Make sure you have paid ALL of your condo association fees in advance. This will make the buyer feel more relieved knowing it is paid in advance. Make sure you include appliances to make your condo furnished with a washer and dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher. These household items will make your condo sell much faster than the ones that don’t have them.
  3. Check Competitive Pricing. Make sure to check out all of your condo competitors on the market before you list yours. Mark your condo exactly at or a little below your condo competitors prices. This will get your condo buyers attention.

Now that you know these three important tips to follow… are you ready to put your condo on the market?…


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