What To Expect After Listing Your Home For Sale in Columbus

What To Expect After Listing Your Home For Sale in Columbus - Linda Jonard1

What To Expect After Listing Your Home For Sale in Columbus – Deciding to sell your home can be exciting and stressful, but can be an extensive process. From preparing your home, to showings, to negotiating a contract, there’s a lot to prepare yourself for. Regardless if it’s your first time selling a home or not, we’ve got some tips to help make the process a little easier.

Preparing Your Home – Before your home is ready for potential buyers, there are a few things you need to do. The best way to think of it is, “The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are completely different”. Before listing your home it’s time to declutter, reorganize behind cabinet and closet doors, and go ahead and put some things in storage if you need to. This doesn’t mean you aren’t a great interior designer. We need to let potential buyers see themselves in  your home and how much space it truly offers.

First Impressions – Make sure the first impression of your home, the outside, is immaculate. Depending on the season, make sure your lawn and front entrance of your home are maintained and welcoming.

Sign, Lock Box, Flyers – Once you are ready to sell, your real estate agent will put a sign in your yard and a lockbox on your front door. The lockbox is so that other agents can show your home without you needing to be there. Some agents create flyers and some don’t depending on their marketing strategy.

Showings Depending on the speed of your local market, you will start to get showing requests from other agents with interested buyers. Showing requests can come in at any time so make sure your home is ready at all times and you are quick to respond to approve the request. Make it easy for people to see your home. Refusing a showing could also mean turning down that one buyer that would have made an offer. Of course things happen, so before turning down a showing contact your real estate agent to see if it can be moved to another time or rescheduled.

The Offer – So you received an offer on your home from a potential buyer. In some fast paced markets you might even see a multiple offer situation. But in the end trust your gut but also look at the facts your real estate agents provides. Sometimes homeowners can get caught up on what they think their home is worth and ignore the fact that that’s not what it’s worth in today’s market. So look to your real estate agent for advice while you negotiate the offer.

While there’s a lot more to selling a home, through remembering these tips, hopefully you feel prepared for what comes next after listing your home.  What tips can you share about selling a home? Comment to share with us!


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