Checklist: Preparing Your Home For The Market

Checklist Preparing Your Home For The Market - Linda Jonard Remax1

Checklist: Preparing Your Home For The Market – There are numerous things you should do when you’re preparing to sell your current home on the market, and a number of different steps throughout the whole entire process. It’s best to create a list first, and then to separate your list into things you should do prior to putting it on the market and things to do while it is on the market. We’ve created a checklist to help you through this process, check it out below!

Before you put it on the market:

– Maximize your curb appeal. I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but when there are a ton of attractive properties on the market you need to make sure your home’s exterior is at its absolute best.

– Give your home a deep clean. This should go without saying but you would be surprised. You want a potential home buyer to see your home at its absolute best, no excuses.

– Apply a fresh coat of paint to your front door. It’s the first thing the new home buyer will see, so make sure it’s great.

– Complete any repairs that may be noticeable upon arrival into your home – if you notice it, a potential home buyer definitely will.

While your home is on the market:

– Keep your garage door closed. While you’re showing your home, keep the garage door closed to make the front of your home look cleaner. There is no need to give a potential home buyer an extra look inside your garage from the outside.

– Store RVs, boats, etc., in a different place. While your home is on the market you don’t want extra stuff in the front of your house to draw the buyers eye away from it.

– Do some baking. The morning of a showing, bake some cookies or fresh bread. You’d be surprised what a great smelling home could do to a potential home buyer.

– Keep it clean. You’ve gone through the trouble of giving your home a deep clean, so keep it that way!

To learn more about how you can prepare your home for the current market, visit here. Keep these tips in mind after you’ve decided to sell your home! What do you think of these tips? Do you have anything to add to our checklist? Comment to share with us!


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