What Not to Do When Selling Your Central Ohio Home


What Not to Do When Selling Your Central Ohio Home – Selling a home can be very tricky. You must find the right market, the right season, the top selling updates, and more. The list can go on and on. Check out some of these big DON’TS when it comes to selling your Central Ohio home.


Don’t: Sell in cold weather seasons. Spring is your season of choice for selling a home in Central Ohio. Warmer weather is bringing folks outside and comfortable temperatures make for a comfortable showing of your home. Families with children will have the flexibility of moving during summer break, which is a huge plus.


Don’t: Keep windows/shades closed. Even on dreary days natural light is important. Let it shine! If it’s a particularly dark day remember to keep some lights on but otherwise don’t rely on it. Natural light opens up a home and is welcoming for potential buyers. If your home can be kept at a comfortable temperature with the windows open, allow it! The breeze will be inviting during the showings.


Don’t: Neglect comparison pricing. You may have the exact price value for your home already set. Based on the updates and hard work you have contributed you may feel that it’s perfect. Yet to sell a home you need to make sure the price is comparable to similar homes in the area. This keeps it priced competitively so buyers won’t overlook your home.


Don’t: Let your Ohio State flag fly. This might seem sacrilegious! Yet it is important to consider that a potential buyer may not be a fan of the same team you are. While it may seem like a silly reason not to choose a house, you want to avoid anything that could hinder a sale (even if a buyer may not be conscious of the reason).


Don’t: Keep your quirky items on display. You may love all of the amazing pieces that add character to your home, but some things can be turn offs for potential buyers. Remove and pack away any items that may be considered unusual or could make an average person question your reasoning. Your home should allow buyers to envision themselves living there and adding their own touch, so don’t let small things block their imagination.


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