10 Fall Spruce-Ups For Your Home


10 Fall Spruce-Ups For Your Home- The changing of the seasons is a perfect excuse for you to spruce up your home from the inside out. Sure, you want to take advantage of the last bit of good weather before the winter rolls in and finish the necessities, but you can also make it a fun task to update your home in a creative way. Here are ten fall spruce-up tips for your home.

Paint a Wall

-Bring in the colors of fall with dramatic fresh paint in a beautiful autumn color in shade of orange and brown.

Autumn Accents

-Don’t want to commit to something permanent like paint? No problem – use throw pillows and blankets to incorporate fall colors into any room.

Clean Your Clutter

-You should de-clutter your home every season. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it makes your home look and feel new.

Clean the Gutters

-The weather won’t be nice for long – get outside and clean out the gutters around your home. You’ll be happy it’s done once the cold weather rolls in.

Adjust Your Lightning

-As the days get shorter adjust the lighting in your home to make it welcoming at any time of day.

Rake the Leaves

-Whether you have trees in your home or not, get to raking and cleaning up the lawn before the snow comes.

Check the Windows

-It could get drafty in the winter, so make sure to check the windows before the weather gets cold.

Get Indoor Plants

-You won’t see a lot of greenery for the next few months, so get some indoor plants to liven up your space.

Clean the Outdoor Areas

-If you have a deck or front porch, get a pressure washer and hose it down. It will add years to your outdoor areas and doesn’t take a lot of effort.

Store the Outdoor Furniture

-Start preparing to store your outdoor furniture for the winter, don’t wait too long or it could be too late.


For more tips on how to spruce up your home this season, visit here.


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