How To Sell a Home When You Have Pets

how to sell a home when you have pets - linda jonard

How To Sell a Home When You Have Pets – Let me start by saying it is not impossible for a pet owner to sell their home. There are just a few things you need to look out for and remember when selling your home.

There are many things to do when preparing to sell your home. Typically a real estate agent will help you stage it sell. This means moving around furniture, decluttering, etc. Part of the home staging process is helping you sell your home if you are a pet owner.

Keep these in mind so you can help remove any distractions from a potential buyer and give them a lasting impression your home deserves.

  1. Remove any stains

When a buyer walks into your home, let them focus on your home and not how many dog toys there are or the water spots around the water bowl. Make sure to clean up after your pets before a showing. This includes inside and outside of the home.

  1. Sweep All Hair

We’ve all been there, right? If you have a pet that sheds, make sure to stay on top of the situation even more than you normally would while showing your home. Vacuum and sweep daily because you never know when someone will call to show your home.

  1. Removed All Animal Order

Not every home that has pets has a pet smell. But just in case, make sure to freshen up your home for showings. This does not mean spraying massive amounts of air freshener throughout your home. Try airing out your home by keeping the windows open if the weather allows. Keep fabrics, carpets, curtains and cushions clean and freshly washed. When you clean your carpets, clean your furniture as well.

  1. Do Not Have Pet At Home During Showings

This might be tricky since you might be at work during the day during a showing. When you can, try to remove your pet from the home during a showing. You do not want to prevent a potential buyer from viewing a room because your pet is there. You might be thinking, “I will just keep them in the cage.” This is not always the solution either. The potential buyer might be more focused on your cute pet locked in the cage then the room they are in.

  1. Clean Everything!

When it comes to a litter box, hamster cage or “pooper scooping” in the back yard make sure you stay on top of it. Don’t let the smell take away from the buyer focusing on your home. Especially if they are walking in the backyard, you don’t want them to track in any surprises!


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