5 Things To Do Near Westerville This December

Things to do - Jonard

5 Things To Do Near Westerville This December – It’s time to welcome the winter weather and holiday season! When it gets too cold, you will have plenty of activities to keep you occupied.

Here are five things going on near you this month…

  1. Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Turn up the wattage AEP. AEP and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium have put together another year of amazing holiday lights for you! They have decked out the trees, bushes, halls and everything except the animals with holiday lights. Don’t miss the amazing experience this year.

  1. 16th Annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony

Make sure stop by Easton Town Center during your holidays to check out the beautiful lights and get your meet-and-greet photo with Santa. He will be there until December 24th, stop by before it’s too late.

  1. Dickens of a Christmas

Stop by the village as the spirit of Dickens arises. Charles Dickens festive and enduring vision of Christmas becomes an Ohio Village into a Victorian wonderland. Bring your friends and family this month and enjoy this exciting event. Click here for more info.

  1. Gahanna – The Santa Race and Little Reindeer Dash

On December 6th at 9:00 a.m. at Gahanna Creekside Park there will be a start and finish area for all the dashers. The top 300 finishers will receive an awesome custom medal. Click here to sign up today!

  1. Gifts of the Craftsmen

Going on now and until December 23rd is the museum’s annual holiday sales. Ohio Craft Museum will feature handcrafted gifts from over 60 artists across the state. Make sure you stop by the Ohio Craft Museum during your holiday season.


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