10 Stylish Ways to Dress Up Your Windows


Want to easily update the look of your home without lifting a paintbrush or buying new furniture? It might be time to try dressing up an often-overlooked feature of a room – the windows! Updating your window dressing can help make the room feel more modern, add a pop of color, or highlight large windows that add tons of natural light. The right window dressing can also make a small room feel bigger, and allow a more personal touch to your home. Below we’ve listed the top ways to dress up your windows; check them out and start styling!

  • Roman shades: These are a great choice if you want to add color or pattern to your windows. These elegant shades are made of cloth and a pulley mechanism that lowers and raises the shades if you’d like privacy, and you can personalize these by making them yourself! Check out this tutorial for instructions. Image from Décor Zone
  • Valances: Similar to Roman shades, these cloth window treatments are fixed above the window frame and can be styled several ways to attract attention to your windows. Add blinds or curtains underneath the valance for privacy. Image via Sunlit Spaces.
  • Fabric panels: Do you have big windows or a high ceiling? Highlight them with long fabric window panels that drape to the floor. Personalize them with your preferred color, fabric style and texture to make them pop off the wall. Image via Southern Living.
  • Sheer panels: Want to let the light in but still have a bit of privacy? Sheer fabric panels have the elegance of panel treatments, yet don’t block out the natural light. Image via West Elm.
  • Shutters: A classic option, these can be customized to fit your windows and can be used by themselves, or layer them with other window treatments to suit your personal taste. Image via This Old House.
  • Blinds: This affordable, streamlined option in white or wooden finishes offer great privacy and let you control how much light enters the room. Image via BobVila.com.
  • Woven shades: Similar to Roman shades, woven shades are made with natural materials like bamboo and can roll up to let light into the room, or roll down to give you privacy. Image via Country Curtains.
  • Café curtains: These unique window dressings are similar to fabric panels but hang from halfway down your window, letting natural light shine through from above while offering privacy on the bottom half. Image via Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Layering: Why choose just one option? Many of these window treatments complement each other and look fantastic when combined. Image via Pret a Vivre.
  • Bare windows: Want to show off your beautiful windows or an amazing view? If you don’t have any issues regarding privacy, forgoing window treatments could be a great way to highlight these. Image via Better Homes and Gardens.

Are you planning on updating your window dressing? What’s your preferred window treatment? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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