How to Thaw Your Pipes: Winter Plumbing 101


How to Thaw Your Pipes: Winter Plumbing 101 – The freezing temperatures we experienced last year are unfortunately back! These single digit temperatures can freeze your home’s pipes and plumbing and really create an expensive problem. Don’t worry though; we have gathered several tips to follow this winter when dealing with the freezing temperatures and your home.

Step 1: Open faucet to allow steam produced by thawing to escape

Step 2: Begin thawing pipe at the faucet. As the ice is melted, water and steam will come out of the faucet.

Pipe Thawing Options: Using hot water is the most common and safest option. Wrap a burlap bag or towel around it to concentrate and hold heat against the pipe. Another common and safe way to heat the pipe is to use a hair dryer or small space heater. Always use caution when using hot tools to thaw pipes!

Tips To Avoid Frozen Pipes

  1. Open kitchen and bathroom doors to allow warmer air to reach plumbing and pipes.
  2. Keep garage doors closed
  3. During very cold days, run a trickle of water at night in exposed pipes to prevent from freezing.
  4. Keep your thermostat at the same temperature at night and during the day.
  5. Set your thermostat’s temperature no lower than 65 degrees during very cold days.

Make sure to remember these tips during these frigid winter days! Have you experienced frozen pipes before? Do you have tips to share? Comment to share with us!

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