Tech Updates For a Modern Home


Tech Updates For a Modern Home  – With everyone becoming more and more tech savvy it can feel like you and your home are behind on the times. Check out some of these updates to fulfill all of your electronic needs for your modern home. Learn about Nest, Bluetooth locks, USB enabled outlets, and wireless TV.

  1. Near Field Communication – You may not have heard of Near Field Communication (NFC) chips or tags. These are simple and cheap updates anyone with an NFC enabled phone can use. NFC works on short distance radio you could easily program everything in your house with your phone. Use a tap of the chip to turn your phone on silent and set an alarm, turn on your home security system and lights, or even open your remote app to watch TV. You can get ten for less than $20!
  2. Nest – The Nest is a programmable thermostat. You can use the app to manage the temperature and also check out weather reports for indoor and outdoor temps. Nest is intuitive as well, so once it learns your habits the app will hardly be necessary. While this option is a little more pricey, it can be very handy if you travel frequently or have reason to worry about fires or carbon monoxide.
  3. Fully Wire Your House With Ethernet – This might seem like a silly option since almost everyone used WiFi today. Yet wiring your home can make for much faster downloads and seamless Netflix watching. Ethernet also allows for safe internet use, as many worry about privacy issues surrounding wireless.
  4. 4. Share Sounds in Every Room – Wiring your home for sound can be as simple as running the needed wires through the walls and attaching them to mounted speakers. What is so exciting about this technology update is that there are multiple apps you can use to put your speakers on full blast! The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub and the Griffin Beacon are great options.
  5. Bluetooth Locks – This option is great for people on the go. Bluetooth door locks will unlock once they sense your phone. Some brands to consider are Masterlock, Kwikset, and Lockitron. Lockitron is the easiest option and also works great for renters. The locking mechanism goes over the interior deadbolt and can be moved to other locations. The Lockitron app allows you to check if your door is securely locked and share “key” access with family and friends.
  6. USB Enabled Outlets – These days almost all of the phone charges are USB charged devices. Some plug and powers operate like small power cords for your wall and can run you less than $30. Actual wired outlets are $40 and up. With a USB port right in your wall you will never have to go on a search for plug for your phone cord again.
  7. Security Cameras – This update may make you feel a little high maintenance and like someone from a movie, but it is highly worth it. Not only are security cameras useful just to see who is at your door, but they are great for safety reasons. Many smartphone apps allow you to access your cameras while you are away from home. You can easily check on the house while you’re at work or out of town, make sure the kids got off the bus okay, and check up on teens you may have at home!
  8. Update Your Existing Technology – You have been so busy updating your home with the latest and greatest technology you may have forgotten about some of the more simple updates! Pick some new updates that are for you! A larger TV, maybe a projector, a new stereo! You name it!

Do you have any tech updates in your home? Which ones? Comment to share!


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