10 Apps to Help You With Your Garden


10 Apps to Help You With Your Garden – It seems funny that an app could help you with your garden, but take a look at these this Spring and you will not be disappointed!


  1. Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier


Packed with information to help you learn about exactly what you are planting in your garden. If you’re not sure what a plant is, simply take a picture and the Garden Compass Plant will let you know. There’s even the ability to share your photos over social media.

  1. Garden Plan Pro


Although expensive, it’s worth the money. With it’s large plant database as well as an updated calendar, this app will help you decide what you want to plant and when you should do it. Crop rotation and weather information is a huge bonus in this app.

  1. GardenMinder by Gardener’s Supply Company


This universal app will educate you on how to plant your vegetable gardens by built in how-tos and reminds so you will get the largest harvest to date. Use the handy journal to keep pictures and take notes in so you will remember everything happening in the future.

  1. Garden Tracker – Bumper Crop


This iPad-only app will be great for you if you need help planning the size of your garden as well as keeping track of how your plants are coming along.

  1. Garden Time Planner


This universal app will be best for you if you need help deciding when to plant your herbs and plants, giving you tips up until the app says is the best time for harvest.

  1. Eden Garden Designer


With this app for iOs, you can choose your growing zone, sunny/shady settings and desired plants. This will really help you for planning your garden or landscaping out. There’s even a feature to toggle through different seasons

  1. Grow Your Own


Advice on how to design your garden in this app is given based on your gardening expertise, your space in the garden, and the amount of time you need to care for the plants.

  1. Gardening Toolkit


This is the best app to use on iOs when you need to know how to best care for the plants you have in your garden. Adding the plant data to track your gardens progress is a notable feature.

  1. Vegetable Gardening Guide


Available on both iOs and Android, this app will hold your hand through the process, detailing step-by-step instructions, lists, helpful links, and even go as far to find out what tools you will need to grow your vegetables just right.

  1. Landscaper’s Companion


With 26,000 plants in this iOs app’s database, this is everything you need for managing landscaping projects. Each plant entry you input, there will be detailing information on USDA zones, the sun requirements needed for each plant, water requirements, and many more necessary tips.

Were these app suggestions helpful? Let us know in the comments below!


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