10 Apps To Help You Plan A Vacation

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10 Apps To Help You Plan A Vacation – Modern technology is helping alleviate the stress that can come along with planning a family vacation. Not only can applications act as a resource, but they can also give you ideas of things to try or activities to do. Here are ten apps that will help you plan your next vacation.


mTrip Travel Guides

Don’t worry about lugging around heavy travel guides, you will have access to all of the information you need right on your mobile device.



This app will help you figure out your flight options without the hassle of searching through several travel sites.



Sometimes all you need is a recommendation from a friend or reliable source – that’s what you’ll get with Minube.



This app will help you find the type of destination you’re looking for, based on what kind of traveler you are.



Traveling can be expensive, so for the more budget friendly activities, check out Viator.



If you are a history buff and are interested in learning about historical experiences in the new places you’re visiting, check out this app to find out what treasures you can find nearby.



Once you’ve reached your destination, this app will alleviate the stress of being in an unknown place, by providing you with information of helpful things nearby, like bars, ATMs, etc.



Keep all of your travel information in one place with the Tripit app. You can even allow multiple people in your group to access the information.


Packing Pro

So you’ve planned your trip and now you need to get packing – for the whole family. Packing Pro will help you determine what you need to pack, and for whom, based on your destination and weather forecast.


Along the Way

This app is mainly for road trips. It help map out restaurants, hotels, etc., along the route you plan on taking.


For more helpful apps to aid in your vacation planning, visit here.

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