Core Power Yoga Studio Opening Soon in Columbus


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CorePower Yoga Studio Opening Soon in Columbus – Columbus is a young and active city, so what better place would there be for a new CorePower studio?! The Easton location is all set to open up this fall, and they are already in talks to develop a second location in the area. Columbus is the perfect demographic fit for this up-and-coming studio, young professionals and young families will really benefit from this versatile studio.


About CorePower


The idea of CorePower came about in 2002, and has since grown tremendously. With a goal of 150 CorePower locations by the end of 2015, the team has no intention of stopping the expansion any time soon. Along with the Columbus location, there will also be a CorePower opening in Atlanta and Pasadena this fall.


The CorePower Approach


CorePower brings high-end yoga to venues in promising markets. With a combination of three main types of yoga – Bikram, Ashtanga and Vinyasa – they are able to reach a broader demographic. Not to mention, the classes are only 60-minutes long, for those busy parents or college students who struggle to fit fitness into their general routine. Yoga traditions, like meditation and Sanskrit are not lost on this up-and-comer, either.


Each studio is also equipped with the amenities that you hope for in every fitness center, but don’t always receive: showers, toiletries, clean locker rooms, etc.


If you’ve never tried CorePower before, you have the opportunity to check it out for free before the studio opens to the public. Head out to the Athleta in Easton on Sundays at 11 a.m. throughout the month of September to check out this fun, challenging and new-to-the-area exercise. You will eat it right up!


CorePower is sure to join the highest ranks of the Columbus yoga scene, and quickly! For more information on the upcoming opening, visit here.



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