4 Tips To Help Protect Your Home Against Cold Weather


4 Tips To Help Protect Your Home Against Cold Weather – You’ve tuned up and turned on your heater and chopped up some wood for the fireplace. You’ve gathered blankets and throws and stocked up on hot chocolate and chili fixin’s for the winter months. You’ve got the inside of your home rearin’ to go for colder months. But have you prepared the outside? Right now it may be chilly outside, but soon it will be freezing. To protect your home and save yourself some serious cash down the road, check out the below tips to protect your home from severe cold weather this season.

Have a Back-Up Heating Plan: Take those storm warnings seriously and always have a contingency plan in case the power goes out. If you use a gas or electric heater, as well as have a fireplace, make sure to stack up a lot of extra wood in case you need it. Alternatively, buy a generator to run heaters if the electricity fails. If the temperature drops too much inside the home, pipes may freeze and burst which can cause a lot of unneeded damage.

Bonus tip: Always keep an extra fire extinguisher on hand if you have a generator or fireplace just to be safe.

Pad up the Home: Give your siding and shutters a once-over to make sure they are securely attached to your home in case strong winds want to whip them off the structure. Calk up the windows and buy some weather stripping to place around doors to close up the gaps where icy winds can creep in. Additionally, insulate your exposed pipes with insulation (available at your local hardware store) to keep them from freezing.

Bonus tip: Open your sink cabinets slightly to let warm air in to help keep pipes functional.

Watch For Ice Dams:  When the snow starts to fall and the temperatures are up and down, watch for ice dams to form on your roof. Ice dams can cause water damage in your home due to the ice on your roof staying frozen on the outside but melting underneath only allowing water to go one way, inside your home. If you see a lot of ice collecting on your roof or water damage on your ceiling, call a roofing company immediately to see if they can help you get rid of the ice before the damage gets worse.

Stock up on Extra Everything: Buy a few days worth of water and food in case the power does go out. Stock up on batteries for flashlights, and even candles for extra lighting. Additionally, make sure to have plenty of melting agents, like rock salt on hand for those icy walkways. Be sure to store the melting agents in a seal-able container off the ground.

Bonus tip: Use an old spade or serving utensil to distribute the sale evenly over your walkway.

A little elbow grease and good stock of supplies will keep you well prepared for the hardest of winters. Get ahead of the curve, to keep those cold months stress-free.


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