5 Life Hacks To Use Around Your Home


5 Life Hacks To Use Around Your Home – If you own a home, you already know that there is a new or trendy idea for everything. When it comes to unique or DIY ideas, the possibilities are really endless. Add a personalized touch with a few hacks that can work for any sized home, and will also keep you organized along the way. Here are ten life hacks that are not only easy to do, but incredibly savvy.

Ice Cubes

If you’ve recently rearranged your furniture, place ice cubes along the indentation in the carpet. It will quickly and easily remove the indentation, making the carpet look like new.

Squeegee the Carpet

Use a squeegee in a high-traffic area to get rid of the pet fur that has woven its way into the carpet. It’s more time consuming, but does a thorough job.

Repurpose Old Laundry Baskets

Use an old laundry basket as a stencil for painting polka dots on any wall. It’s an incredibly easy way to add some life to the walls of your child’s room.

Foam Noodles

Cut foam pool noodles in half in fix them to the walls in your garage. If it’s a tight squeeze, the noodle will cushion your car door so it doesn’t hit the wall.

Shoe Organizer in the Pantry

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer in your pantry to keep it organized. Bonus tip: put the healthy snacks closer to the bottom so your kids can reach them easier.


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